Earn Royal College MOC credits

CJS supports the Maintenance of Certification program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Participants need to achieve 400 credits in a 5-year cycle, with at least 25 credits in each of the 3 sections of the program. Participants must report at least 40 credits in each year of the cycle. Activities may be reported on the Royal College Website.

There are several ways to collect MOC credits for your CJS activities.

  1. Readers may claim 1 credit (section 2) per CJS article read by recording their activities using this form, which should be submitted with the claim.
  2. Authors may earn credits for their research as a Personal Learning Project (2 credits per hour, section 2). Elements of the project that need to be defined include the research question, the method used to answer it, and the reflection upon the result. The average claim for a project that meets the specifications of a submission to CJS is 25 credits (section 2). Manuscripts do not have to be published to claim credits. Group learning PLP guidelines are suitable for projects with multiple authors.
  3. Authors of research that reviews their clinical activities may be eligible for credits for a clinical audit (3 credits per hour, section 3) if the project meets the guidelines.
  4. Authors of clinical practice guidelines may claim up to 20 Systems Learning credits (section 2) per year.
  5. Authors may claim the time spent reflecting upon reviewers’ and editors’ comments on their submission (3 credits per hour, section 3).
  6. Reviewers and Associate Editors can earn credits for these activities in Section 2, Systems Learning: Peer Assessment (up to 15 credits per year).