April 2015 • Avril 2015

Can J Surg 2015;58(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

Medical memorialization
V. McAlister

La commémoration médicale
V. McAlister

Commentaries • Commentaires

Dr. Bernard Langer — inductee into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
P.D. Greig, O.D. Rotstein

Amnesia in modern surgery: revisiting Wangensteen’s landmark studies of small bowel obstruction
A. Faryniuk, A. MacDonald, P. van Boxel

Endovenous radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of varicose veins
A. Kayssi, M. Pope, I. Vucemilo, C. Werneck

Research • Recherche

A novel method for assessing visual perception of surgical planes
C.M. Schlachta, S. Ali, H. Ahmed, R. Eagleson

The integration of minimally invasive surgery in surgical practice in a Canadian setting: results from 2 consecutive province-wide practice surveys of general surgeons over a 5-year period
J. Hallet, O. Mailloux, M. Chhiv, R.C. Grégoire, J.-P. Gagné

Does more than a single chest tube for mediastinal drainage affect outcomes after cardiac surgery?
J. Le, K.J. Buth, G.M. Hirsch, J.-F. Légaré

Outcomes of infection following pediatric spinal fusion
A. Khoshbin, M. Lysenko, P. Law, J.G. Wright

Persistent neuropathic pain after inguinal herniorrhaphy depending on the procedure (open mesh v. laparoscopy): a propensity-matched analysis
P. Niccolaï, L. Ouchchane, M. Libier, F. Beouche, M. Belon, J.-M. Vedrinne,
B. El Drayi, L. Vallet, F. Ruiz, C. Biermann, P. Duchêne, C. Chirat, S. Soule-Sonneville, C. Dualé, C. Dubray, P. Schoeffler

Canadian practice patterns for pancreaticoduodenectomy
D.P. Cyr, J.L. Truong, J. Lam-McCulloch, S.P. Cleary, P.J. Karanicolas

Review • Revue

Surgical approach in primary total hip arthroplasty: anatomy, technique and clinical outcomes
S. Petis, J.L. Howard, B.L. Lanting, E.M. Vasarhelyi

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Is obesity associated with advanced stage or grade of colon cancer?
K. Neumann, S.M. Mahmud, A. McKay, J. Park, J. Metcalfe, D.J. Hochman

Supply versus demand: a review of application trends to Canadian surgical training programs
R.E. Austin, K.R. Wanzel

February 2015 • Février 2015

Can J Surg 2015;58(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Mega purchasing leads to a mega mess
E.J. Harvey

Les méga-achats à l’origine d’un méga-gaspillage
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Surgical training in Guyana: the next generation
B.H. Cameron, C. Martin, M. Rambaran

Research • Recherche

Association between the appendix and the fecalith in adults
M.J. Ramdass, Q. Young Sing, D. Milne, J. Mooteeram, S. Barrow

Cause of death in patients awaiting bariatric surgery
J.M. Lakoff, J. Ellsmere, T. Ransom

The evolution of trauma surgery at a high-volume Canadian centre: implications for public health, prevention, clinical care, education and recruitment
C.G. Ball, D. Das, D.J. Roberts, C. Vis, A.W. Kirkpatrick, J.B. Kortbeek

Tension plate for treatment of olecranon fractures: new surgical technique and case series study
B. Lukšic, I. Juric, V. Boschi, Z. Pogorelic, J. Bekavac

Physician level reporting of surgical and pathology performance indicators: a regional study to assess feasibility and impact on quality
C. McFadyen, S. Lankshear, D. Divaris, M. Berry, A. Hunter, J. Srigley, J. Irish

Increased health services use by severely obese patients undergoing emergency surgery: a retrospective cohort study
S. Küpper, C.J. Karvellas, R.G. Khadaroo, S.L. Widder; Acute Care and Emergency Surgery Group

The use of early immobilization in the management of acute soft-tissue injuries of the knee: results of a survey of emergency physicians, sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons
M. Sommerfeldt, M. Bouliane, D. Otto, B.H. Rowe, L. Beaupre

Do revision total hip augments provide appropriate modularity?
M.G. Teeter, D.D.R. Naudie, J.L. Howard, R.W. McCalden, S.J. MacDonald

Radiographic evaluation of the ankle syndesmosis
S. Croft, A. Furey, C. Stone, C. Moores, R. Wilson

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with intracorporeal versus extracorporeal anastamosis: a comparison of short-term outcomes
A.S. Vergis, S.N. Steigerwald, F.D. Bhojani, P.A. Sullivan, K.M. Hardy

Discussions in Surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Safety of a no-fast protocol for tracheotomy in critical care
T. Hartl, D. Anderson, J. Levi

Reviewers 2014 • Examinateurs 2014

Reviewers 2014 / Examinateurs 2014

Online Letters • Lettres en ligne

The roles of experience, participation rates and judgment in the injury rates of weekend warriors

The roles of experience, participation rates and judgment in the injury rates of weekend warriors – Author response

Humble correspondence: gaining a foothold in the surgical literature

December 2014 • Décembre 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

Surgery in patients with Ebola virus disease
V. McAlister

La chirurgie chez le patient atteint de la maladie à virus Ebola
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Classifying outcomes of care for injured patients
N. Bell, B. Sobolev, A. Townson, D.C. Evans, H. Anton, R.K. Simons

Research • Recherche

“I’ve never asked one question.” Understanding the barriers among orthopedic surgery residents to screening female patients for intimate partner violence
L. Gotlib Conn, A. Young, O.D. Rotstein, E. Schemitsch

Management and outcomes of small bowel obstruction in older adult patients: a prospective cohort study
J.E. Springer, J.G. Bailey, P.J.B. Davis, P.M. Johnson

Self-reported practice patterns and knowledge of rectal cancer care among Canadian general surgeons
D.P. Richardson, G.A. Porter, P.M. Johnson

Can the Blaylock Risk Assessment Screening Score (BRASS) predict length of hospital stay and need for comprehensive discharge planning for patients following hip and knee replacement surgery? Predicting arthroplasty planning and stay using the BRASS
D. Cunic, S. Lacombe, K. Mohajer, H. Grant, G. Wood

The location of surgical care for rural patients with rectal cancer: patterns of treatment and patient perspectives
M.C. Nostedt, A.M. McKay, D.J. Hochman, D.A. Wirtzfeld, C.S. Yaffe, B. Yip, R. Silverman, J. Park

Anastomotic salvage after rectal cancer resection using the Turnbull–Cutait delayed anastomosis
J. Hallet, A. Bouchard, S. Drolet, H. Milot, E. Desrosiers, A. Lebrun, R.C. Grégoire

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Getting by with less — the “frugal tie”
J. Rizkallah, J.M. Rothschild, D.V. Exner

Evidence-Based Surgery

What is the diagnostic value of C-reactive protein for the prediction and the exclusion of postoperative infectious complication after colorectal surgery?
P.K. Chaudhury, M.G. Jeschke, J.R. Monson; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

How to optimize participant retention and complete follow-up in surgical research
M. Kaur, S. Sprague, T. Ignacy, A. Thoma, M. Bhandari, F. Farrokhyar

October 2014 • Octobre 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Closer to private health care options?
E.J. Harvey

Se rapprocherait-on de modèles de soins de santé privés ?
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

C. Barber Mueller: appreciation
J. Meakins

An innovative paradigm for surgical education programs in resource-limited settings
D.L. Deckelbaum, A. Gosselin-Tardif, G. Ntakiyiruta, S. Liberman, M. Vassiliou, E. Rwamasirabo, E. Gasakure, P. Fata, K. Khwaja, T. Razek, P. Kyamanywa

Research • Recherche

Decreased heart rate variability in surgeons during night shifts
I. Amirian, L.T. Andersen, J. Rosenberg, I. Gögenur

Inconsistencies between navigation data and radiographs in total knee arthroplasty are system-dependent and affect coronal alignment
A. Carli, A. Aoude, A. Reuven, B. Matache,J. Antoniou, D.J. Zukor

Management of the open abdomen using combination therapy with ABRA and ABThera systems
A.N. Mukhi, S. Minor

Surgical management of symptomatic hydatid liver disease: experience from a Western centre
G. Martel, S. Ismail, A. Bégin, F. Vandenbroucke-Menu, R. Lapointe

Comparison of stable and unstable pertrochanteric femur fractures managed with 2- and 4-hole side plates
R.P. Baird, P. O’Brien, D. Cruickshank

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with complete mesocolic excision provides acceptable perioperative outcomes but is lengthy — analysis of learning curves for a novice minimally invasive surgeon
G. Melich, D.H. Jeong, H. Hur, S.H. Baik, J. Faria, N.K. Kim, B.S. Min

The clinical importance of different localizations of the papilla associated with juxtapapillary duodenal diverticula
B. Ozogul, G. Ozturk, A. Kisaoglu, B. Aydinli, M. Yildirgan, S.S. Atamanalp

Factors affecting transfusion requirement after hip fracture: Can we reduce the need for blood?
S.J. Desai, K.S. Wood, J. Marsh, D. Bryant, H. Abdo, A.-R. Lawendy, D.W. Sanders

Emergency surgery for colorectal cancer does not result in nodal understaging compared with elective surgery
S.V. Patel, S.V.B. Patel, M. Brackstone

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Trauma Non-Technical Training (TNT-2): the development, piloting and multilevel assessment of a simulation-based, interprofessional curriculum for team-based trauma resuscitation
A.G. Doumouras, I. Keshet, A.B. Nathens, N. Ahmed, C.M. Hicks

Percutaneous drainage of Morel-Lavallée lesions when the diagnosis is delayed
B. Zhong, C. Zhang, C.-F. Luo

Evidence-Based Surgery

Is early transfusion of plasma and platelets in higher ratios associated with decreased in-hospital mortality in bleeding patients?
A.W. Kirkpatrick, C.G. Ball, J. Duchesne, K. Pavenski; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group


Correction to — Low-intensity pulsed ultrasonography versus electrical stimulation for fracture healing: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Correspondence • Correspondance

The shortcoming and deficiency in “Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol”
Y. Liu, Y. Zhang

The shortcoming and deficiency in “Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol” – Author response
E.J. Harvey

Regarding “Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes”
P. Guy

Regarding “Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes” – Author response
C. Parent-Harvey

Medical student–run education: the next steps
K. Walsh

A not-so-systematic review
P. Heeckt, H. Goost, S.S. Lin, T.O. McKinley, S. Mehta, Y. Mikuni-Takagaki

A not-so-systematic review – The authors respond
S. Ebrahim, B. Mollon, S. Bance, J.W. Busse, M. Bhandari

August 2014 • Août 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(4)

Editorial • Éditorial

No specialty alone: the Wilder Penfield strategy
V. McAlister

Aucune spécialité n’est une île : la stratégie de Wilder Penfield
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Enhancing medical students’ education and careers in global surgery
A. Gosselin-Tardif, G. Butler-Laporte, M. Vassiliou, K. Khwaja, G. Ntakiyiruta, P. Kyamanywa, T. Razek, D.L. Deckelbaum

The validity of surgical simulation
R.A. Agha, A.J. Fowler

Balancing surgical innovation with cost and efficiency
S. Jayaraman

#Nomoretextbooks? The impact of rapid communications technologies on medical education
A. Farooq, J. White

Research • Recherche

How to assess communication, professionalism, collaboration and the other intrinsic CanMEDS roles in orthopedic residents: use of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
T. Dwyer, S. Glover Takahashi, M. Kennedy Hynes, J. Herold, D. Wasserstein, M. Nousiainen, P. Ferguson, V. Wadey, M.L. Murnaghan, T. Leroux, J. Semple, B. Hodges, D. Ogilvie-Harris

Parathyroid hormone levels 1 hour after thyroidectomy: an early predictor of postoperative hypocalcemia
A. AlQahtani, A. Parsyan, R. Payne, R. Tabah

Functional outcome of supracondylar elbow fractures in children: a 3- to 5-year follow-up
A.D. Isa, A. Furey, C. Stone

Comparison of cast materials for the treatment of congenital idiopathic clubfoot using the Ponseti method: a prospective randomized controlled trial
C. Hui, E. Joughin, A. Nettel-Aguirre, S. Goldstein, J. Harder, G. Kiefer, D. Parsons, C. Brauer, J. Howard

Computed tomography features associated with operative management for nonstrangulating small bowel obstruction
R.R. Suri, P. Vora, J.M. Kirby, L. Ruo

The historic predictive value of Canadian orthopedic surgery residents’ orthopedic in-training examination scores on their success on the RCPSC certification examination
D. Yen, G.S. Athwal, G. Cole

Bridging the gap between open and minimally invasive pancreaticoduodenectomy: the hybrid approach
Y. Wang, S. Bergman, S. Piedimonte, T. Vanounou

The accuracy of the Alvarado score in predicting acute appendicitis in the black South African population needs to be validated
V.Y. Kong, S. Van Der Linde, C. Aldous, J.J. Handley, D.L. Clarke

Health-related quality of life following decompression compared to decompression and fusion for degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis: a Canadian multicentre study
Y.R. Rampersaud, C. Fisher, A. Yee, M.F. Dvorak, J. Finkelstein, E. Wai, E. Abraham, S.J. Lewis, D. Alexander, W. Oxner

Oncoplastic reduction using the vertical scar superior-medial pedicle pattern technique for immediate partial breast reconstruction
Y. Barnea, A. Inbal, D. Barsuk, T. Menes, A. Zaretski, D. Leshem, J. Weiss, S. Schneebaum, E. Gur

Review • Revue

End-to-end ductal anastomosis in biliary reconstruction: indications and limitations
B. Jabłonska

Systematic review on the inclusion of patients with cognitive impairment in hip fracture trials: a missed opportunity?
S. Mundi, H. Chaudhry, M. Bhandari

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Technique to achieve the symmetry of the new inframammary fold
M. Pozzi, G. Zoccali, E.M. Buccheri, R. de Vita

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to evaluate clinical practice guidelines
C.J. Coroneos, S.H. Voineskos, S.D. Cornacchi, C.H. Goldsmith, T.A. Ignacy, A. Thoma

Use of a novel energy technology for arresting ongoing liver surface and laceration hemorrhage
C.G. Ball

Correspondence • Correspondance

What would I want for my surgery?
M. van Dijk

A century of breast surgery: from radical to minimal
G.S. Mannu, A. Bhalerao


Trauma Association of Canada abstracts

June 2014 • Juin 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Choosing Wisely (and carefully) Canada
E.J. Harvey

Choisir avec soin (et sensément)
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Review of a medical student–run surgery lecture series and skills lab curriculum
J.Z. Li, S.C.Y. Chan, M. Au, J. Hoogenes,T. Chan, K. Li, S. Reid

Single incision laparoscopic surgery in Canadian children
C. Botkin, R. Keijzer, K. Milbrandt

Research • Recherche

Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes
C.I. Parent-Harvey, C. Desjardins, E.J. Harvey

Does ultrasonography accurately diagnose acute cholecystitis? Improving diagnostic accuracy based on a review at a regional hospital
H. Hwang, I. Marsh, J. Doyle

Minimally displaced clavicle fracture after high-energy injury: Are they likely to displace?
J.T. Riehl, B.J. Athans, M.W. Munro, J.R. Langford, S.J. Kupiszewski,
G.J. Haidukewych, K.J. Koval

Intraoperative systemic lidocaine for pre-emptive analgesics in subtotal gastrectomy: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
J.H. Yon, G.J. Choi, H. Kang, J.-M. Park, H.S. Yang

The effects on oxidative DNA damage of lapa roscopic gastric band applications in morbidly obese patients
A. Kocael, H. Erman, K. Zengin, P.C.A. Kocael, G.G. Korkmaz, R. Gelisgen, M. Taskin, Y. Ersan, H. Uzun

A comparison of the modified Tokuhashi and Tomita scores in determining prognosis for patients afflicted with spinal metastasis
A. Aoude, L.-P. Amiot

The impact of an acute care surgery clinical care pathway for suspected appendicitis on the use of CT in the emergency department
C.G. Ball, E. Dixon, A.R. MacLean, G.G. Kaplan, L. Nicholson, F.R. Sutherland

Differences in telomerase activity between colon and rectal cancer
G.D. Ayiomamitis, G. Notas, A. Zaravinos, A. Zizi-Sermpetzoglou,
M. Georgiadou, O. Sfakianaki, E. Kouroumallis

Outcomes following surgical treatment of periprosthetic femur fractures: a single centre series
N. Holder, S. Papp, W. Gofton, P.E. Beaulé

Impact of perioperative acute ischemic stroke on the outcomes of noncardiac and nonvascular surgery: a single centre prospective study
M. Biteker, K. Kayatas, F.M. Türkmen, C.H. Misirli

The “weekend warrior”: Fact or fiction for major trauma?
D.J. Roberts, J.-F. Ouellet, P.B. McBeth, A.W. Kirkpatrick, E. Dixon, C.G. Ball

Does regional variation impact decision-making in the management and palliation of pancreatic head adenocarcinoma? Results from an international survey
V. Hurdle, J.-F. Ouellet, E. Dixon, T.J. Howard, K.D. Lillemoe, C.M. Vollmer,
F.R. Sutherland, C.G. Ball

Clinical outcomes of minimally invasive endoscopic and conventional sternotomy approaches for atrial septal defect repair
M.W.A. Chu, K.L. Losenno, S.A. Fox, C. Adams, H. Al-Habib, R. Guo, A.H. Menkis, B. Kiaii

Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol
F.O. Moola, A. Carli, G.K. Berry, R. Reindl, D. Jacks, E.J. Harvey

Single-incision versus conventional laparoscopic appendectomy in 688 patients: a retrospective comparative analysis
H.-H. Liang, C.-S. Hung, W. Wang, K.-W. Tam, C.-C. Chang, H.-H. Liu, K.-L. Yen, P.-L. Wei

A comparison of pain scores and medication use in patients undergoing single-bundle or double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
S.A. Macdonald, S.M. Heard, L.A. Hiemstra, G.M.L. Buchko, S. Kerslake, T.M. Sasyniuk

Review • Revue

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasonography versus electrical stimulation for fracture healing: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
S. Ebrahim, B. Mollon, S. Bance, J.W. Busse, M. Bhandari

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

CAGS and ACS Evidence Based Reviews In Surgery. 49

Is a diverting loop ileostomy and colonic lavage an alternative to colectomy for the treatment of severe Clostridium difficile–associated disease?
C.J. Brown, M. Boutros, A. Morris, C.M. Divino; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

April 2014 • Avril 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

Education through recreation
V.C. McAlister

L’éducation par les loisirs
V.C. McAlister

Research • Recherche

Prevention of delirium in trauma patients: Are we giving thiamine prophylaxis a fair chance? in trauma patients: Are we giving thiamine prophylaxis a fair chance?
C. Blackmore, J.-F. Ouellet, D. Niven, A.W. Kirkpatrick, C.G. Ball

Is there any evidence of a “July effect” in patients undergoing major cancer surgery?
P. Ravi, V.Q. Trinh, M. Sun, J. Sammon, S. Sukumar, M.-K. Gervais, S.F. Shariat, S.P. Kim, K.J. Kowalczyk, J.C. Hu, M. Menon, P.I. Karakiewicz, Q.-D. Trinh

Emotional intelligence in orthopedic surgery residents
K. Chan, B. Petrisor, M. Bhandari

A patient-centred approach toward surgical wait times for colon cancer: a population-based analysis
A. Gillis, M. Dixon, A. Smith, C. Law, N. Coburn

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: perioperative outcomes, weight loss and impact on type 2 diabetes mellitus over 2 years
M. Hoogerboord, S. Wiebe, D. Klassen, T. Ransom, D. Lawlor, J. Ellsmere

Endoscopic management of gastric band erosions: a 7-year series of 14 patients
Ü.B. Dogan, M.S. Akin, S. Yalaki, A. Akova, C.Yilmaz

Distal revascularization and interval ligation (DRIL) procedure requires a long bypass for optimal inflow
D. Kopriva, D.J. McCarville, S.M. Jacob

Hepatic parenchymal preserving technique in the management of diffuse bilateral neuroendocrine tumour liver metastases: a feasible approach
A. Nadler, M. Cukier, L. Milot, S. Singh, C.H. Law

Implementation of an acute care emergency surgical service: a cost analysis from the surgeon’s perspective
R.V. Anantha, N. Parry, K. Vogt, V. Jain, S. Crawford, K. Leslie

Dislocation after the first and multiple revision total hip arthroplasty: comparison between acetabulum-only, femur-only and both component revision hip arthroplasty
Y. Kosashvili, M. Drexler, D. Backstein, O. Safir, D. Lakstein,  A. Safir, R. Chakravertty, T. Dwyer, A. Gross

A simple strategy to reduce stereotype threat for orthopedic residents
E. Gomez, J.G. Wright

Spine surgeons’ requirements for imaging at the time of referral: a survey of Canadian spine surgeons
J.W. Busse, J.J. Riva, R. Rampersaud, M.J. Goytan, T.E. Feasby, M. Reed, J.J. You

“iBIM” — Internet-based interactive modules: an easy and interesting learning tool for general surgery residents
N. Azer, X. Shi, C. de Gara, S. Karmali, D.W. Birch

Review • Revue

The role of the laparoendoscopic single site totally extraperitoneal approach to inguinal hernia repairs: a review and meta-analysis of the literature
M.R.S. Siddiqui, M. Kovzel, S.J. Brennan, O.H. Priest, S.R. Preston, Y. Soon

Transanal endoscopic microsurgery: a review
B. Heidary, T.P. Phang, M.J. Raval, C.J. Brown

The effect of bariatric surgery on gastroesophageal reflux disease
M. El-Hadi, D.W. Birch, R.S. Gill, S. Karmali

Current management of penetrating torso trauma: nontherapeutic is not good enough anymore
C.G. Ball

Prognostic factors for morbidity and mortality in elderly patients undergoing acute gastrointestinal surgery: a systematic review
P. Davis, J. Hayden, J. Springer, J. Bailey, M. Molinari, P. Johnson

Correspondence • Correspondance

Massive panniculectomy: a novel method of treatment of postlaparotomywound dehiscence in morbid obesity
A.A. Salunke, K.S. Rajkumar, G.I. Nambi, V.A. Chaudhari

Ancillary tests to improve the accuracy of laparoscopy in the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis
M. Wani, S.A. Mir, J.A. Bhat, H.A. Moheen


Correction: Canadian Surgery Forum abstracts

June 2000 • Juin 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(3)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

Health care funding and surgical practice

J.P. Waddell

Financement des soins de santé et pratique de la chirurgie

J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

A plea for early surgical intervention

M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images


P.S. Puligandla, R.L. Holliday

Musculoskeletal images

Bone and soft-tissue tumours

C.H. Gerrand, P. Robinson, A.M. Griffin

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 33. Presentation & Diagnosis

L.A. Stein

Musculoskeletal case 10. Presentation

Musculoskeletal case 10. Diagnosis

P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee, J.X. O’Connell

Surgical Biology for the Clinician · Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

The role of the macrophage in periprosthetic bone loss

J.P. Santerre, R.S Labow, E.L. Boynton

Review Article · Article de revue

The treatment of femoral shaft fractures in children: a systematic overview and critical appraisal of the literature

J.G. Wright

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Lymph-node staining with activated carbon CH40: a new method for axillary lymph-node dissection in breast cancer

T. Yokota, T. Saito, Y. Narushima, K. Iwamoto, M. Iizuka, A. Hagiwara, K. Sawai, S. Kikuchi, Y. Kunii, H. Yamauchi

Acetabular blood flow during total hip arthroplasty

A.W. ElMaraghy, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Effect of mycophenolate mofetil in heart transplantation

P. Mathieu, M. Carrier, M. White, M. Pellerin, L. Perrault, G. Pelletier, D. Robitaille, L.C. Pelletier

Is clinical examination an accurate indicator of raised intra-abdominal pressure in critically injured patients?

A.W. Kirkpatrick, F.D. Brenneman, R.F. McLean, T. Rapanos, B.R. Boulanger

Perioperative blood transfusion and albumin administration are independent risk factors for the development of postoperative infections after colorectal surgery

M.G. Torchia, R.G. Danzinger

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Osteochondritis dissecans of the talar dome treated with an osteochondral autograft

E. Chang, E. Lenczner

Ex vivo liver resection

A.W. Hemming, R.S. Chari, M.S. Cattral

Umbilical pilonidal sinus

J.H. McClenathan

Compartment syndrome of the right anterior thigh after primary total hip arthroplasty

D.D. Mai, S.J. MacDonald, R.B. Bourne

Surgical Cornucopia · Pot pourri

A surgical sabbatical in France

F. Sutherland, B. Launois

February 2000 • Février 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(1)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

Bone and Joint Decade
J.P. Waddell

La décennie des os et des articulations
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Laparoscopic antireflux surgery: What is enough?
G.M. Fried

The management of trauma in Canada
M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Abdominal actinomycosis
C.K. Leow

Musculoskeletal images

Osteogenic sarcoma in the soft tissues of the hip
D.H. Pearce, L.M. White, J.S. Wunder

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 31. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 31. Diagnosis
C.W. Cheng, D.W.H. Lee, P.S.F. Chan

Musculoskeletal case 8: Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 8: Diagnosis
D.W. Struk, P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee

Trauma and Critical Care · Traumatologie et soins critiques

Use of abdominal computed tomography in blunt trauma: Do we scan too much?
B.G. Garber, E. Bigelow, J.-D. Yelle, G. Pagliarello

Original Articles · Articles originaux

A review of trauma systems using the Calgary model
J.B. Kortbeek

Value of DNA ploidy and S-phase fraction as prognostic factors in stage III cutaneous melanoma
G. Martin, F. Halwani, H. Shibata, S. Meterissian

Comparison of patellar resurfacing versus nonresurfacing in total knee arthroplasty
C.E. Ikejiani, R. Leighton, D.P. Petrie

Ministernotomy for aortic valve replacement: a study of the preliminary experience
D. Bouchard, L.P. Perrault, M. Carrier, P. Ménasché, A. Bel, L.C. Pelletier

The effect of octreotide on postoperative adhesion formation
A. Baykal, A. Ozdemir, N. Renda, A. Korkmaz, I. Sayek

National trends in gastroesophageal reflux surgery
R.L. McMahon, C.D. Mercer

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Gastrocolic fistulization in Crohn’s disease: a case report and a review of the literature
M.P. Khanna, P.H. Gordon

Isolated metachronous jejunal metastases after resection of bronchogenic carcinoma
A. Chagpar, T.N. Moyana, E.W. Chappell

Epithelioid leiomyosarcoma of the stomach: report of a case
T. Yokota, Y. Abe, J. Itoh, T. Kunori, M. Mochizuki, S. Asano

Book Reviews




August 2000 • Août 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(4)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

The Canadian health care system
J.L. Meakins

Le système de santé du Canada
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Acetabular revision arthroplasty
R.B. Bourne

Surgical residents as teachers
M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Mediastinal goitre
J.D. Urschel, T.M. Anderson

Musculoskeletal images

Migration of the patellar component causing popliteal artery occlusion
C.H. Gerrand, A.M. Griffin, R.S. Bell

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 34. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 34. Diagnosis
R. Tam, M.P.Y. Lee

Musculoskeletal case 11. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 11. Diagnosis
P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee, L.O. Marchinkow

Review Article · Article de revue

Closed tibial shaft fractures: management and treatment complications. A review of the prospective literature
C.P. Coles, M. Gross

Trauma and Critical Care · Traumatologie et soins critiques

An approach to ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome
P. Houston

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Cementless acetabular revision arthroplasty
R. Jain, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Functional outcome after acetabular revision with roof reinforcement rings
R. Jain, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Management of adult splenic injuries in Ontario: a population-based study
B.G. Garber, B.P. Mmath, R.J. Fairfull-Smith, J.-D. Yelle

The safe use of epidural anesthesia after subcutaneous injection of low-dose heparin in general abdominal surgery
J. Kassis, F. Fugère, S. Dubé

A needs assessment of surgical residents as teachers
B.W. Rotenberg, R.A. Woodhouse, M. Gilbart, C.R. Hutchison

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Visceral artery aneurysm
R.M. Janzen, W.T. Simpson

Surgical Technique · Technique chirurgicale

Needlescopic decapsulation of a splenic epithelial cyst
P.A. Seshadri, E.C. Poulin, J. Mamazza, C.M. Schlachta


69th Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

April 2000 • Avril 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(2)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

Institute of Medicine report / Rapport de l’Institute of Medicine
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Reporting complications on a general surgery service
M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Bilateral large iliac artery aneurysms
K. Soundarajan, M.Z. Siddiqui, M.L. Marin

Musculoskeletal images

Secondary signs of patellofemoral dislocation
P. Robinson, L.M. White, J.S. Wunder

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 32. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 32. Diagnosis
E. Dixon, B. Steed, F. Sutherland, P. Mitchell

Musculoskeletal case 9.Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 9. Diagnosis
P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee

Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery · Société canadienne de chirurgie vasculaire

Is Canadian cardiac surgeons’ management of asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis at coronary artery bypass supported by the literature? A survey and a critical appraisal of the literature
L.P. Palerme, A.B. Hill, D. Obrand, O.K. Steinmetz

Assessment of patient waiting times for vascular surgery
R.G. Turnbull, D.C. Taylor, Y.N. Hsiang, A.J. Salvian, S. Nanji, G. O’Hanley, D.L. Doyle, P.D. Fry

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Complications on a general surgery service: incidence and reporting
K.R. Wanzel, C.G. Jamieson, J.M.A. Bohnen

The treatment of pseudoarthrosis of the scaphoid by bone grafting and three methods of internal fixation
K. Ritter, A.A. Giachino

An analysis of a preoperative pediatric autologous blood donation program
M. Letts, R. Perng, B. Luke, J. Jarvis, L. Lawton, S. Hoey

Autopsies and death certification in deaths due to blunt trauma: What are we missing?
N. Fink Hodgson, T. Charyk Stewart, M.J. Girotti

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Intraosseous paraganglioma of the sacrum: a case report
C.P. Coles, D.I. Alexander, M. Gross, R.O. Holness, A.A. Covert, S.K. Murray

Strut allograft invasion by Paget’s disease of bone:a case report
H.U. Cameron, V.L. Fornasier, D. Van Zyl

Surgical Technique · Technique chirurgicale

Simple exposure of the internal thoracic artery for minimally invasive coronary artery bypass
I.S. Gill

Correspondence · Correspondance

Percutaneous fine-needle aspiration biopsy for lung masses
D.E. Maziak, F. Shamji, C. Dennie, F. Matzinger, G. Perkins

Ischemic Meckel’s diverticulum and acute appendicitis
T. Al Mahmeed, J.K. MacFarlane, D. Filipenko


SESAP question · Question SESAP

SESAP Critique / Critique SESAP

June 2003 • Juin 2003

Can J Surg 2003;46(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Inaugural message from the new coeditor
G.L. Warnock

Message inaugural du nouveau corédacteur
G.L. Warnock

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Osteonecrosis and transient osteoporosis of the hip: diagnostic and treatment dilemmas
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Waiting lists: management, legalities and ethics
D.F. Pitt, T.W. Noseworthy, J. Guilbert, J.R. Williams

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Les complications abdominales associées à la chirurgie cardiaque : à propos d’une expérience chirurgicale contemporaine et examen d’une population opérée sans circulation extracorporelle
B. Poirier, R. Baillot, R. Bauset, F. Dagenais, P. Mathieu, S. Simard, B. Dionne, M. Caouette, F.-S. Hould, D. Doyle, P. Poirier

A biomechanical study in cadavers of cast boots used in the early postoperative period after first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis
D. Young, N.C. Stone, J. Molgaard, D. Durford

Distinguishing transient osteoporosis of the hip from avascular necrosis
A. Balakrishnan, E.H. Schemitsch, D. Pearce, M.D. McKee

Triple major curves in children
D. Davidson M. Letts, J. Jarvis

Orthopedic injuries associated with backyard trampoline use in children
G.B. Black, R. Amadeo

Surgical Images • Imagier chirurgical

Musculoskeletal images. Knee-joint tuberculosis
J.P. Waddell

Soft-tissue images. Splenic littoral cell angioma
P.J. Collins, H. Ettler, J. Amann, C. Rajgopal

Radiology for the Surgeon • Chirurgie et radiologie

Musculoskeletal case 28. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 28. Diagnosis
R. Gee, P.L. Munk

Soft-tissue case 51. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 51. Diagnosis
N.K. Shyamkumar, R.D. Sadhu, S. Nayak, S. Kamath

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 6.

“GERD” as a risk factor for esophageal cancer
H.J.A. Henteleff, G. Darling; for Members of the CAGS Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Trauma and Critical Care • Tramatologie et soins critiques

Geriatric trauma: resource use and patient outcomes
E.C. McKevitt, E. Calvert, A. Ng, R.K. Simons, A.W. Kirkpatrick, L. Appleton, D.R.G. Brown

MacLean-Mueller Prize • Prix MacLean-Mueller

Prophylactic ß-blockade to prevent myocardial infarction perioperatively in high-risk patients who undergo general surgical procedures
R.C. Taylor, G. Pagliarello

Surgical Technique • Technique chirurgicale

Avoiding stitch abscesses in subcuticular skin closures: the L-stitch
R.C. Mahabir, B. Christensen, G.K. Blair, D.G. Fitzpatrick


August 2003 • Août 2003

Can J Surg 2003;46(4)

Editorial • Éditorial

Improving your journal
J.P. Waddell

Pour améliorer votre journal
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Role of axillary lymph-node dissection in the management of breast cancer
M.J. Wexler

Why do surgeons not comply with “best practice”?
J.M.A. Bohnen

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Total hip arthroplasty in patients younger than 21 years: a minimum 10-year follow-up
B.J. Bessette, F. Fassier, M. Tanzer, C.E. Brooks

Epidemiologic features of acute appendicitis in Ontario, Canada
M. Al-Omran, M.M. Mamdani, R.S. McLeod

Analysis of a school bus collision: mechanism of injury in the unrestrained child
P.C. Lapner, D. Nguyen, M. Letts

Practice patterns of lymph-node mapping and sentinel-node biopsy for breast cancer in British Columbia
B. Chua, I.A. Olivotto, J.C. Donald, A.H. Hayashi, N. Davis, C.H. Rusnak

Prophylaxis in elective colorectal surgery: the cost of ignoring the evidence
N. Wasey, J. Baughan, C.J. de Gara

Reassessing the role of axillary lymph-node dissection in patients with early-stage breast cancer
J. Marschall, P. Nechala, P. Colquhoun, R. Chibbar

Developing priority criteria for hip and knee replacement: results from the Western Canada Waiting List Project
G. Arnett, D.C. Hadorn, and the Steering Committee of the Western Canada Waiting List Project

Surgical Images • Imagier chirurgical

Musculoskeletal images. Femoral fracture in adult osteogenesis imperfecta
J.S. Theodoropoulos, R. Reindl, G. Berry, E.J. Harvey

Soft-tissue images. Segmental colonic ischemia mimicking appendicitis
J.H. McClenathan, N. Dabadghav

Radiology for the Surgeon • Chirurgie et radiologie

Musculoskeletal case 29. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 29. Diagnosis
R.F.J. Browne, S.M. Murphy, W.C. Torreggiani, P.L. Munk

Soft-tissue case 52. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 52. Diagnosis
E.C.H. Lai, P.B.S. Lai, W.Y. Lau

Brief Communications • Communications abrégées

Complete Currarino syndrome in an adult, presenting as a fecalith obstruction: report of a case
M.N. Colapinto, E.A.M. Vowinckel, N.D. Colapinto

Book Reviews • Critiques de livres

Aphorisms & Quotations for the Surgeon. Edited by M. Schein
D. Lyttle

Correspondence • Correspondance

Errors in surgery
J.B. Summers, J. Kaminski

February 2004 • Février 2004

Can J Surg 2004;47(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Resource allocation in surgical departments
G.L. Warnock

La répartition des ressources dans les départements de chirurgie
G.L. Warnock

Commentary • Commentaire

Maimonides’s cooling period and organ retrieval
V. McAlister

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Renal transplantation using non-heart-beating donors: a potential solution to the organ donor shortage in Canada
J.D. Lacroix, J.E. Mahoney, G.A. Knoll

Minimally invasive surgical practice: a survey of general surgeons in Ontario
P.M. Chiasson, D.E. Pace, C.M. Schlachta, J. Mamazza, E.C. Poulin

Knee dislocations: experience at the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal
M. Talbot, G. Berry, J. Fernandes, P. Ranger

Surgical outreach clinics in Canada: one neurosurgeon’s experience
M. Bernstein

Frozen section in thyroid surgery: Is it a necessity?
B. Cetin, S. Aslan, C. Hatiboglu, B. Babacan, A. Onder, A. Celik, A. Cetin

Is obesity a predictor of mortality, morbidity and readmission after cardiac surgery?
M.A. J. Rockx, S.A. Fox, L.W. Stitt, K.R. Lehnhardt, F.N. McKenzie, M.A. Quantz, A.H. Menkis, R.J. Novick

Prioritization of patients on scheduled waiting lists: validation of a scoring system for hip and knee arthroplasty
B.L. Conner-Spady, G. Arnett, J.J. McGurran, T.W. Noseworthy, and the Steering Committee of the Western Canada Waiting List Project

Symptoms, acid exposure and motility in patients with Barrett’s esophagus
M.G. Brandt, G.E. Darling, L. Miller

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: soft tissue. Laparoscopic resection of a renal hilar pheochromocytoma
S. E. Pautler, M. M. Walther

Radiology for the surgeon: musculoskeletal case 31
R.S. Ryan, P.L. Munk

Surgical Education and Self-assessment Program (SESAP)

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 9.

Risk factors for retained foreign bodies after surgery
R.S. McLeod, J.M.A. Bohnen, for Members of the CAGS Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to use a systematic literature review and meta-analysis
M. Bhandari, P.J. Devereaux, V. Montori, C. Cinà, V. Tandan, G.H. Guyatt, for the Evidence-Based Surgery Working Group

Brief Communications • Communications abrégées

Strangulated femoral hernia containing a perforated appendix
E.T. Nguyen, I.K. Komenaka

Case Notes • Notes de cas

A gastrointestinal stromal tumour presenting in a perforated Meckel’s diverticulum
K. Szentpáli, A. Palotás, A. Wolfárd, L. Tiszlavicz, Á. Balogh

April 2004 • Avril 2004

Can J Surg 2004;47(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

Generations of training
J.P. Waddell

Des générations de formation
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Preoperative chemoradiation for rectal cancer: kudos and a caution
W.S. Kendal, H.S. Stern

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Snowmobile trauma: 10 years’ experience at Manitoba’s tertiary trauma centre
R.L. Stewart, G.B. Black

Extrapulmonary intrathoracic hydatid cysts
R. Ülkü, N. Eren, Ö. Çakir, A. Balci, S. Onat

Hemipelvectomy: a changing perspective for a rare procedure
C.R. Baliski, N.S. Schachar, J.G. McKinnon, G.C. Stuart, W.J. Temple

Current awareness in Canada of clinical practice guidelines for colorectal cancer screening
T.K. Asano, D. Toma, H.S. Stern, R.S. McLeod

Trauma and Critical Care • Traumatologie et soins critiques

Enteral nutrition and mucosal immunity: implications for feeding strategies in surgery and trauma
D.L. Sigalet, S.L. Mackenzie, S.M. Hamee

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: musculoskeletal.

Delayed cauda equina syndrome due to a sacral insufficiency fracture missed after a minor trauma
P.A. Martineau

Radiology for the surgeon

Soft-tissue case 54
J. Marschall, A. Vergis

Surgical Education and Self-assessment Program (SESAP)

Surgical Biology for the Clinician • Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

Transplantation: focus on kidney, liver and islet cells
E.N. Chang, C.H. Scudamore, S.W. Chung

Surgical Technique • Technique chirurgicale

Total mesorectal excision: technical aspects
P.T. Phang

Brief Communications • Communications abrégées

Congenital diastasis of the inferior tibiofibular joint: case report and treatment analysis
S. Bajuifer, M. Letts

Case Notes • Notes de cas

Management of rectal lymphoma
M. Friedlich, M. Lamba, H.S. Stern

Elevated parathyroid hormone-related peptide in a patient with an extragonadal germ-cell tumour and hypercalcemia
S. Sorscher

Total knee replacement surgery and surgical site infection: a prospective audit
T.W. Austin, M.A. Austin, B. Coleman, M. Jamjoom, A.O. Al Thaqafi

Diverticulitis of the appendix
M. Friedlich, N. Malik, M. Lecompte, Y. Ayroud

Early presentation of splenic injury after colonoscopy
T. Boghossian, J.W. Carter

Correspondence • Correspondance

Accreditation of residents
R.A. Ogilvie
Tibial plateau fractures
H.U. Cameron
SESAP question inaccurate
J.W. Drover
Outreach multi-beneficial
J.C. Hyndman