Phyllodes tumour of the breast and margins: How much is enough?

Phyllodes tumour of the breast and margins: How much is enough?

Can J Surg 2019;62(1):E19-E21 | Full Text | PDF | Appendix

Samuel Ogunbiyi, MBBS, MD; Andrew Perry, MD; Kiran Jakate, MD; Jory Simpson, MD, MEd; Ralph George, MD


Phyllodes breast tumours are fairly uncommon, and they can be benign, borderline or malignant. General surgeons usually encounter them following the surgical excision of a breast lump that had the appearance of a fibroepithelial lesion. The surgeon is then faced with the question of what to do to establish an acceptable treatment margin. In this discussion, we recommend a plan for the management of Phyllodes tumours based on a review of the recent literature, confirmed by a retrospective review of the results from our centre. A negative margin is acceptable treatment following a lumpectomy for Phyllodes tumours. Only patients with a positive margin should undergo a revision.

Accepted July 27, 2018

Acknowledgements: The authors thank Dr. Jesse McLean, research manager at the Royal Victoria regional hospital, for his help with the data presentation and manuscript preparation. They also thank Miss Emma Hawkes for her help with collecting and charting the data used for the study.

Affiliations: From the Department of General Surgery, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.

Competing interests: None declared.

Contributors: All authors contributed substantially to the conception, writing and revision of this article and approved the final version for publication.

DOI: 10.1503/cjs.005718

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